One day brief.
After my work experience, I learnt that designs should be created quickly…. This is something I’m practicing.
This is a competition entry for Penguin Design Award, to create a book cover for “What A Carve Up” by Jonathan Coe.
It’s a simple design with typography (although, they’re probably after an illustrative cover!). This took me 4(ish) hours to produce and I only got this design with a few colour variations… I would like to practice working quickly again, producing many different designs rather than just one!!
One day brief.
Today we did a quick workshop on poster design, focusing on the grid.
The topic was our FMP. It needed a description of what the final outcome will be, alongside why it’s relevant/important. We were asked to source 15 pictures which inspired our subject [i found out afterwards we didn’t need all of them!] and use thes within the poster.


As part of my internship I was allowed to get involved with the weekly blog called “Friday Things”

This one

And this one

Here are some banner designs from work experience at Playgroup.

This is for an annual event and designs before were blue with a single colour representing each department. This year they wanted bigger pictures with more colours included.
Updated my outsiders competition entry for Penguin design award.
The background wasn’t printing the way I wanted. I took a photo of an old leather jacket I had and merged in the blue rather than place it on top.
Today, I revisited a project from last year.
Basically…. I didn’t like it… so I changed it.
The previous design worked around censorship, so this aspect has been kept with the different lines. Although it has been produced in a less obvious way.
I am much happier with this design as it’s more ‘my style’.
Found this today in a random ‘year 0’ folder.
This was ‘book cover week’ based on “The old man and the sea”, which has had a variety of covers over the years. Clearly I never finished it, but I love how unafraid of illustration I was back then.
Good times! :)
This is my competition entry for the puffin book award.
This story is based around different social groups in 1960’s America.
It seems that the characters in the story were discriminated again because of what family they were born into. This is what I tried to represent in this book cover, with a prominent use of the family tree.